Micro residential projects

Location Korea
System size 200W
Inverters 1*LS250
Panels 4*50W

LeadSolar Micro-generation System in Korea:
4 * 50W or 70W panels + 1 * LS250 as a system.

4 panels use 1 pcs LS250.

There will be 12,000 Micro-generation Systems installed in Korea before 2016.

Small residential projects

Location Australia
System size 5KW
Inverters 20*LS250
Panels 10*250W

There are more than 300 systems, which use LeadSolar devices, have been installed in Australia.

Each panel uses one pcs LS250.

Since it is Flexibility to adjust the size of the system and it harvests 15-25% more energy. Microinverters are becoming more popular in Australian market.