Empowered by our LS600 series microinverters, LeadSolar offers microinverter solutions for 208V, 240V and 277V single phase or three phase grid systems in different countries. We have successfully installed commercial projects in U.S., Australia and China.

For commercial projects, we recommend you choose following items:

1. LS600 Microinverters

LS600 is dual-input microinverter, which supports 600W output power. It connects two panels (230W – 320W). And it supports dual MPPT, which tracks panels independently.

  • The peak efficiency of LS600 is 96.2% and CEC efficiency is 96.0%.
  • Up to seven LS600 can be connected in one string hand-by-hand. (In North America, nine LS600 in one string.)
  • Hand-by-hand connection, no need to buy external AC cables for connection.

2. LeadSolar Link Gateway

  • Mobile Apps Installers and end users can use our mobile Apps to scan the QR codes on the devices to register and monitor the solar system.
  • Offline mode User can browse the built-in webpages for easy monitoring even without Internet connections.
  • WiFi enabled LeadSolar Link can be connected to the Internet through WiFi or ethernet cable.
  • GPRS enabled LeadSolar Link also has a RS232 port, which supports connecting with an external GPRS modem.
  • Connection to mobile communication network LeadSolar Link can be used with a third party device that supports Internet connections through 2G, 3G or 4G mobile communication networks.
  • Easy to monitor, easy to manage End users can easy monitor the productions of their solar system and have a peace of mind. Installers can monitor and manage all their installed projects with much detailed information to provide better and more efficient services for their customers.

3. LeadSolar Junction Box

LeadSolar Junction Box has integrated with LeadSolar Link Gateway, LeadSolar Filter, Surge Protection Device (SPD) and breakers. The gateway connects with an enhanced external antenna to enhance the signals through WiFi connections. It can:

  • Ensure communication quality
  • Eliminate uncertainties during installation
  • Greatly reduce installation labor

We suggest you to choose a Junction Box for you system. It can make sure better communication between microinverter and gateway and it also can protect system from surge on power lines. We have following types of Junction Box:

Type of Junction Box No. of input string Max System Capacitywith single box Filter SPD Electric Outlet Coupler
Basic 3 10.5kW greenbullet greenbullet
Superior 3 10.5kW greenbullet greenbullet greenbullet
Commercial 9 31.5kW greenbullet greenbullet greenbullet greenbullet


4. Accessories

AC Connector: Ac connector is used to make an extension cable connect the last inverter in the string to junction box.

Cap: Cap is used on the AC connector of the first inverter in the string to support water-proof and dust-proof.

We use a 21kW three phase system as an example to see how many items we need for the system:

1. Microinverter:

One LS600 can connect with two panels. So we need at least 42 pcs LS600. Please note it is a three phase system, each phase is better to has same number of microinverters to make sure three-phase equilibrium. So each phase has 14 pcs LS600.

According to certificate, up to 7 pcs LS600 can be connected in one string (9 pcs LS600 in one string in North America). These 14 pcs LS600 will be connected in two strings.

2. Gateway:

Gateway is integrated in the LeadSolar Junction Box. We suggest each commercial system to install at least one LeadSolar Junction Box to make sure better communication quality and better protection.

3. AC Connector:

Each strings needs one AC connector. There are two strings for each phase. So the system needs totally 6 pcs AC connectors.

4. Cap:

Each strings needs one cap. There are two strings for each phase. So the system needs totally 6 pcs cap.

5. Junction Box:

We suggest you choose Commercial type of Junction Box


Here we list our solution for 10– 94.5 kW systems:

System Size Microinverter Gateway AC Connector Cap Junction Box
10.5kW 21X LS600 1 3 3 1XCommercial
21 kW 42X LS600 1 6 6 1X Commercial
30 kW 60X LS600 1 9 9 1X Commercial
49.5kW 99X LS600 1 15 15 3X Commercial
94.5 kW 189X LS600 1 27 27 3X Commercial


Please Note:

When there is a skylight or a chimney between twomicroinverters, which cable cannot connect with each other. You need to make an AC cable with two AC Connectors. And then put the cable between two microinverters and connect them together.

If your system size is larger than 94.5kW, please contact with us. We will customize a LeadSolar Junction Box for your system.