LinkView TM



The LinkView™ monitoring platform allows both the installer and system owner to remotely monitor system performance in real time on web-tied computers, tablets, or mobile phones. Production data as well as any potential error conditions are displayed and can be downloaded for further analysis. The program allows the installer to “toggle on/off” the panel view for the end customer, depending on their preference. Installers can monitor and manage the full portfolio of their installed projects with much detailed information to better and more efficiently service their customers.

  • See historical trends with intuitive graphs
  • Customize automation for owner’s desired level of control
  • Get email notification of self-diagnosed maintenance/repair needs
  • Adjust safety settings to maximize sustainable power output
  • Predict usage patterns to preempt future issues

LeadSolar App

LeadSolar App is the mobile application of the Leadsolar energy online monitoring system. It allows system owners and PV installers to remotely monitor and manage their energy systems directly from their mobile devices.

Main function:

  • Displays system real-time and historical output power
  • Estimates environmental benefits
  • Easily monitors and review system output by Day, Month, Year and the Lifetime of the PV array
  • Illustrates registration information, equipment profile, and installer contact information for PV system.