Small Scale Commercial

Location Mexico
System size 11.5KW
Inverters 46*LS250
Panels 46*250W

More than 200 systems have been installed in Mexico using LeadSolar LS250 microinverters

Each panel uses 1 pcs LS250

Medium Scale Commercial

Location USA
System size 72KW
Inverters 113*LS600
Panels 226*320W
Location USA
System size 54KW
Inverters 85*LS600
Panels 170*320W

Large Scale Commercial

Location USA
System size 4MW
Inverters 3924*LS700
Panels 6504*410W

LeadSolar provided over 50MW of LS700 microinverters into commercial US projects under private label

Location Las Vegas, U.S.
System size 1.86 MW
Inverters 2160*LS700
Panels 4644*400W

System advantages:

  • 20% more energy generation
  • Greater temperature tolerance
  • Enhanced safety with 60V DC
  • Long term durability