The LeadSolar Smart Plug presents you with an elegant and stylish way to remotely control any plug-in device in your home. The Smart Plug is a LeadSolar Link Residential Superior accessory which allows you to monitor the energy usage and control the device remotely by making them a part of Home Area Network (HAN).

All communication between the Smart Plug and LeadSolar Link Residential Superior is performed using the existing powerline infrastructure — requiring no extra cabling.

  • Plug in easily to existing standard wall outlets
  • Uncover approximate daily, weekly and monthly trends in your home electricity use
  • Measure and manage the energy use of individual appliances
  • Track electricity rates so you can lower your energy bill
  • Wirelessly monitors your devices in real time
  • Computer and smart phone apps. View your data at your convenience on your computer or smart phone

– View and control remotely through Internet and rich web interface
– Schedule On/Off of microinvertrs/light/appliances
– View weather information
– Alarm Clock and Internet radio

AC Plug

AC Plug

Exceedconn 25A male and female AC plug


DC Connector

Relicon male and female DC connector


End Cap

End cap is pluggedon AC plug of the first microinverter of string. It is used for dustproof and waterproof.