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More powerful

Support high-power solar panels up to 350W

Leadsolar offers many different models of microinverters with single-input, dual-input and quad-input to suit the needs of our customers. Our microinverters can support a wide range of solar panels from all the major solar panel manufacturers. It works with high power solar panels up to 350W, which is more cost effective for the customers.


More Reliable

Built to last

Leadsolar microinverters are designed and built to last in the worst conditions. Together with international renown labs, Leadsolar microinverters have passed the most severe accelerated stress-tests for durability and reliability.Hundreds of thousands of LeadSolar Microinverters have been deployed in the filed in high profile projects around the world with ultralow filed failure rate, one of the industry's best records.


Easy monitoring

Real time Web/App monitoring

Leadsolar offers a complete monitoring solution through web and mobile Apps for project installers and end users. Leadsolar gateways provide a variety of functions that are so easy-to-use in various environment and situations. It can connect through the household Internet through WIFI/Ethernet or it can use the cell phone network for a more reliable monitoring.


Smaller Investment

Cost –effective

Microinverters allow for more affordable first steps into solar power adoption. They can be placed right where power is needed, even in shaded areas. This eliminates the need for long power wires, large open areas, and supporting construction required for solar farm type setups.

Core Features

Easily register a new account and add new devices.

Display system power in real-time and historical data.

Estimate environmental benefits.


Monitor system production by day, month, year and the lifetime of the PV system.

Enable installers to manage the project portfolio and better support the customers.

Our Latest Works

All Works
  • PROJECT 01

    Shanghai 94.5KW

  • PROJECT 02

    Shanghai 94.5KW

  • PROJECT 03

    Shanghai 94.5KW

  • PROJECT 04

    Adelaide 5KW

  • PROJECT 05

    Ashburnham 72KW

  • PROJECT 06

    Colima 12KW

  • PROJECT 07

    Colima 3.5KW

  • PROJECT 08

    Kansas 81KW

  • PROJECT 09

    Massachusetts 4MW

  • PROJECT 10

    Minneapolis 54KW

  • PROJECT 11

    Minnesota 216KW

  • PROJECT 12

    Missouri 36KW

  • PROJECT 13

    AC Module

  • PROJECT 14

    Seoul 280W

  • PROJECT 15

    Wellington 2KW

  • PROJECT 16

    Shanghai 94.5KW


  • Leadsolar products have great value.The prices are reasonable and they use the best technology on their products. Together, we are taking steps towards simplifying and lowering costs of PV system for residential customers. We highly recommend Leadsolar microinvertors


    Donald Green
  • Leadsolar offers us the greatest quality microinverters. They carefully select every components of their microinvertors and offer one of the best warranties! We are more than pleased with their products.


    Robert Broker
  • We are always looking for cutting-edge technology in order to offer the best solutions for our customers. Leadsolar energy always provides us with highly reliable and cost-effective solar technology. Adding their products to our markets is absolutely necessary


    Maddy Turner
  • Leadsolar microinverters are easy to install . We’re very delighted with their products.


    Betty Wright

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